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This month we have exciting news. Over the last few years Peace One Day has been measuring the impact of Peace Day across the globe. Today I am delighted to share with you the results of Peace Day 2015.

We estimate that in 2015 1.5 billion people globally were exposed to the message of Peace Day, with 709 million aware of the day. The results show that an estimated 13 million people behaved more peacefully as a consequence of Peace Day.

These are truly extraordinary numbers! Full details here.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you. It was your actions that created this result; your events, initiatives, social media posts and messages of peace that got us to this point. From the smallest school project to the largest peace march, this success belongs to everyone.
2016 is set to be a fantastic year, and we want to spread the message of Peace Day even further. To reach 3 billion people on Peace Day would be truly remarkable. We can only get there with your help. That means twice as many activities, sports events, dances, community gatherings or however else you mark Peace Day. Invite your work colleagues, neighbours, friends and family to become involved. Every single person counts! Don’t forget to tell us about your plans here.


Peace Day 2015 - The Results Are In