"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela

Peace One Day Ambassador, Jude Law, introduces the Global Education Resources.
Global Education Resources

Peace One Day’s ​Global Education Resources ​- packed with a wide selection of enriching lesson plans - are completely ​FREE to access and download. Registration is no longer required. If you like and enjoy them, or any of our work, we invite you to join our ​Global Schools Network​, via the link at the bottom of this page.

Resource Highlights​​:

     ●  Available in the 6 official languages of the United Nations; Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Russian.

     ●  Interactive, media-rich, student-centred resources that drive debate and practical action.

     ●  Covering issues such as anti-bullying, the United Nations and Great Peacemakers.

     ●  Highlighting the power of sport, music, dance, art and drama within the peace landscape.

Already accessed by tens of thousands of educators in nearly every country of the globe, we warmly invite you to use them in your classroom, too.

New Project! - #PeaceDayGoogleDoodle


Join hundreds of schools across the world in this simple and fun activity, sure to set students’ imagination alight. Their work could help create history, and contribute to a landmark achievement in the journey of Peace Day - bringing about a Peace Day Google Doodle globally!


Thousands of designs have already been created by students of all ages. To get involved, simply sign-up your school here.

After signing up you will receive:

  • ●  a 4-page #PeaceDayGoogleDoodle lesson plan,

  • ●  your FREE 10-page ‘Topic of Peace’ resource, and

  • ●  a unique pin on the growing project map, above!

Peace Talks

If you would like to reinforce your students’ knowledge, efforts and achievement in regards to Peace Day, we highly encourage you to book a PeaceTalk with Peace One Day.

These dynamic 15-20 minute conversations (via video conference) are a great opportunity to meet Peace One Day Founder, Jeremy Gilley or Peace One Day’s Lead Global Educator, Ben Harrington. To date, these talks have taken place with tens of thousands of students in more than 50 countries.



“We loved talking with you! Our students are inspired and it was the perfect way to begin our week as we build up to Peace Day!” - Seren Davis, Tashkent International School - Uzbekistan

“Thank you for the skype call with Jeremy. It was such a unique opportunity for the Student Leaders who later shared the experiences in their classrooms.”  - Dr. Ana Maria Leon, Counselor, International School Nido de Aguilas - Mexico

“Thank you so much for meeting with the kids this morning. They were talking about the conversation all day.”  - Karyn Robson, Upper Elementary Teacher, Sunset Hills Montessori School - USA

Global Schools' Network

Is your school truly committed to engaging students in the peace process? Does your school aspire to become a beacon of positive impact among your local community? Do you want your school to be part of a world-wide network of schools leading on positive change?

If so, our Global Schools’ Network - built around the forthcoming ​Peace & Sustainability Programme​ is for you. Register your interest by emailing​ with the Subject; Schools' Network

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