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Here are a series of films that outline Peace One Day Education

The Day After Peace

Film has always been a powerful medium to share the message of Peace Day. We have made a 32-minute classroom-ready version of Jeremy’s award winning documentary The Day After Peace to support the use of Peace One Day’s Education Resources.

Available in the six official languages of the United Nations

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The Day After Peace Film
Curriculum-Specific Resources
11-18 Years
UK, Secondary

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5-11 Years
UK, Primary

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11-18 Years
United States

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11-18 Years

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Our 4-page Lesson Plan - FREE to download - provides teachers with a brief background to this project, a step-by-step activity guide, and a printable template for students’ Peace Day Google Doodles. To get on board fully, sign up your school to this exciting project.



By signing up, participating schools will receive:

  • A pin on the Peace One Day Google Doodle Map (to be forwarded to Google) and a unique School Reference Number (meaning any student design shared online can be linked back to your school).
  • An invitation for a dynamic student PeaceTalk, via video conference.
  • Priority support from the Peace One Day education team.
  • An official Certificate of Participation, once the Peace Day Google Doodle is in place!
  • A bonus, 10-page 'Topic of Peace' guide, packed with valuable ideas and resources for cross-curricular teaching across 6 subjects (literacy, mathematics, sports education, history, art and drama).

More Tools for the Classroom

Download your ​Pocket Book of Peace​. This adorably cute and compact e-book offers a variety of practical ideas for taking action on Peace Day.

Pocket Book of Peace


For schools choosing to plan any events or activities, the General Resources page offers a wealth of downloadable materials to support your efforts.

General Resources​


Remember! please do let us know about your schools’ efforts, activities and achievements - small or large - by emailing us on or reaching out to us through Facebook.


"Active Citizenship is a key theme of the citizenship curriculum. Peace One Day as an organisation, the UN resolution, the resource pack and Peace Day itself are all the result of one person's idea and determination to see it become a reality. The Peace One Day Resource Pack capitalises on this and uses this, and other examples, to allow pupils to discover the opportunities for individuals and bring about social change. This concept fits in directly with the participation and responsible action section of the citizenship curriculum and could also be used to emphasise the importance of voting and participation in the democratic process. There are many lesson plans which link with other areas of the Citizenship Programmes of Study for Key Stages 3 and 4 including teaching pupils to think about topical political, spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues, problems and events. Pupils are also encouraged to contribute to group and exploratory class discussions, and take part in debates. Several of the lesson plans look at the workings of the United Nations, which could be used as a starting point to explore other democratic institutions. There is also a wealth of information and ideas to deal with the issues of bullying, learning to resolve conflict fairly, human rights and criminal justice."

Elaine Sweeney, UK Government, Department for Education & Skills, PSHE & Citizenship Team, UK