Cyber Non-Violence Campaign

This year we are launching a new campaign focussed on the reduction on Cyber Violence. We know that Cyber Violence affects the mental health and wellbeing of children, adults and families alike; online bullying, harassment and revenge is a global pandemic. By monitoring online language globally, our campaign will drive and demonstrate behavioural change in the Cyber World. We want to see a decrease in violent language and an increase in peaceful communication on Peace Day – 21 September 2019.

Peace Day presents schools, young people, teachers, parents and anti-bullying groups with a valuable focal point for their efforts in combatting cyber-bullying worldwide. We want to decrease online hate speech, racism, bullying and ridicule on Peace Day 21 September 2019.

Peace One Day is spreading the message of Peace and Non-violence into the digital world. #CyberNonViolence

Peace Day Pledge

Make sure you have taken the Peace Day pledge ready for September 21st. Download the pledge board here then post on social media and take a photo of you holding the board.

Post on social media your pledge:

On Peace day I will speak words of love, forgiveness, calm, mutual respect and civility. I pledge not to engage with others online in a way that spreads hate, racism, bullying, ridicule or revenge. #CyberNonViolence #OnlineNonViolence #PeaceDay21

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Supportive Organisations

Peace One Day is delighted to be working with organisations around the Globe who are helping the online world to be more peaceful place. Some of our supportive organisations have education resources on the issues we are highlighting in the campaign.

Australian e-safety Commissioner

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to empowering all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online. The Office was established in 2015 with a mandate to coordinate and lead the online safety efforts across government, industry and the not-for profit community. You can find resources for e-Safety at


Project deSHAME is a collaboration between Childnet, Save the Children (Denmark), Kek Vonal (Hungary) and UCLan (UK), co-financed by the EU. It has resources for schools and police on addressing online sexual harassment amongst young people aged 13 - 17 years. For more info, please check

Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF),

A nonpartisan civil society organization and think tank composed of cybersecurity and policy experts, envisions to establish a peaceful and harmonious cyber space. work towards building collective resiliency against cybercrimes & global threats of cyber warfare through the Policy Advocacy, Research and Awareness Programs to sustain Cyber Peace and Cyber Security. For more information visit

Diana Award: Project SELMA

Social and Emotional Learning for Mutual Awareness (SELMA) project, is supported by the Diana Award, along with partner organisations from across the UK and EU.
SELMA seeks to tackle online hate speech in schools and communities through the promotion of tolerance and respect across the European Union. For more info, please check

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the #CyberNonViolence campaign please contact