Why is peace needed in the Great Lakes region of Africa?

‘An estimated 5.4 million people have died as a consequence of the war and its lingering effects since 1998. In spite of the official end of the war in December 2002, approximately 500,000 Congolese have continued to die each year.’

International Rescue Committee

Conflict in the DRC and the Great Lakes region of Africa has led to years of instability. The absence of peace has displaced families, increased the prevalance of diseases, and restricted young people's access to education.

But peace is possible...

Time and time again, Peace Day has proved to be a catalyst for cooperation and peace-building and, as demonstrated in Afghanistan, can offer a window of opportunity for communities in need, enabling individuals and organisations to undertake life-saving activities on the day.



Youth Rallies 2016
Meetings, Kigali 2016

We met with a wide range of organisations committed to peacebuilding in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC including Hon. Jean Philbert Nsengimana of the Ministry of Youth & ICT, Search for Common Ground, Dety Darba, Knowless, Al Hadj Haruna and the National Unity & Reconciliation Commission.

Meetings, Kampala 2016
Countdown to Peace Day Forums 2015
Rwanda 2015
Peace Day 2014
Peace One Day Trips
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