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Join us NOW and help institutionalise Peace Day 21 September!

To add your organisation to the growing list of members of this coalition, please join by providing the details below. By joining, you will receive exclusive ongoing communications about the progress of the campaign and you will be committing, on behalf of your organisation, to observe Peace Day, 21 September in some way and thereby helping us reduce violence on the day around the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With?

NGO Coalition – Membership Form
Who Will You Make Peace With on Peace Day 21 September?

For Peace Day, 21 September, we want to build on the incredible achievements of previous Peace Days, reducing violence around the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With?

Peace One Day is leading the process of building coalitions to support the institutionalisation of Peace Day and we are hoping that these global coalitions will inspire you to build your own and get your network involved in the process.  Institutionalising Peace Day and making it self-sustaining is our legacy.

NGO Coalition

At least 1.5 billion people live in conflict affected and fragile states and are currently in urgent need of peace. (The World Bank: World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security and Development)

Peace One Day partnered with one of the world’s largest peace-building NGOs, Interpeace, to bring together leading international non-governmental organisations to form the NGO Coalition. These organisations are committed to marking Peace Day around the world through their work. This large scale support of organisations working towards peace and sustainability, as well as those that need peace to carry out their work, will contribute to a global decrease in violent incidents on the day, adding to an overall goal of long-term sustainable peace.