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Peace One Day Corporate Coalition Membership

Join a group of the world’s leading businesses committed to supporting Peace One Day 



Temporary License Agreements

Peace One Day has devised an innovative, time-sensitive licensing-based partnership opportunity to enable brands to link sales of their products with the Peace One Day trademarks and to raise awareness for Peace Day through marketing communication programmes that promote the partnership.

Peace One Day Education

Your organisation could become a title sponsor or core partner of Peace One Day’s Education Resources. Peace One Day Education aims to inspire a new generation of peacemakers to be the driving force behind the creation of a united and sustainable world. Peace One Day Education Resources have reached over 21,000 educators around the world, and their Schools’ Network is represented by over 2,300 schools in 131 countries. 

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One Day One Goal

Your organisation could sponsor Peace One Day’s football (soccer) initiative One Day One Goal. Since 2008 One Day One Goal has seen tens of thousands of people come together through the beautiful game in each of the 193 UN member states. In 2014 there were over 2,100 football matches played in over 74 different countries







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Try for Peace

Your organisation could sponsor Peace One Day’s rugby initiative Try For Peace. A brand new initiative, Try For Peace aims to harness the spirit of rugby to bring people together across the world. With the Rugby World Cup due to take place in England during Peace Day 2015, the eyes of the world will be on the rugby community, with matches set to take place across the world on Peace Day. 

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One Day One Dance

Your organisation could sponsor Peace One Day’s dance initiative One Day One Dance. From flash mobs in Vilnius, Lithuania and London, UK to school performances in Qatar and India, amateurs and professionals around the world have danced for peace on Peace Day. In 2014 there were over 830 dance events in 55 countries across the world.

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Set for Peace

Your organisation could sponsor Peace One Day’s music initiative Set For Peace. Backed by the likes of Idris Elba, Paul Van Dyk, and David Morales, Set For Peace encourages music lovers across the globe to play a set for peace on Peace Day. In 2014 there were over 400 Set For Peace events in 40 countries on Peace Day. 

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Peace One Day Celebrations and Events

Your organisation could sponsor one of Peace One Day’s concerts and events; this is a fantastic way for corporations to engage with Peace One Day’s global support base and also benefit from significant branding and networking opportunities.

Each year Peace One Day holds a major Celebration on Peace Day, most recently the Peace One Day Youth Celebration in Kigali Rwanda in 2015 and an historic concert at Goma International Airport, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014. Other bespoke events are often held at different points in the year to celebrate particular partner relationships or to launch Peace One Day campaigns and initiatives, for example the inaugural Monaco Gala in 2014, which included high profile hosts and performers.

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POD Film Productions

POD Film Productions is a creative video production company with a conscience.

Films can empower change and stimulate growth. All revenue generated by POD Film Productions is reinvested in Peace One Day. Our clients thereby directly support the institutionalisation of Peace Day, 21 September, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, while also helping to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility. With extensive experience running productions around the world, and a passion for films and eye-catching visuals, we will deliver videos you’ll want to watch again and again.

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