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a word from the President of the Patrons programme

Software entrepreneur and new Peace One Day Patrons President Emmet B Keeffe III discusses his special connection to peace and why he decided to get involved with Peace One Day.


In 2015, we re-launched our Patrons Programme. The support provided by our Patrons has played a huge role in determining the success of our organisation in raising awareness of Peace Day, 21 September. By providing financial support, Patrons help to ensure that Peace One Day is able to focus on its goals and objectives to spread the message of peace and help raise awareness of the day, manifest action on the day, and as a consequence of that - decrease violence.

We would like to deeply thank our current Patrons who have provided us with fantastic support:

  • Michael Mapes
  • Dan Bradbury
  • Costas Polycarpou
  • Daniel Wagner
  • Dr. Alistair Forbes 

Life Patrons:

  • Steve Bolton
  • Richard Reed

Our most recent Patrons event in December, which featured a keynote speech from Unilever CEO Paul Polman, raised significant funds to help support the institutionalisation of Peace Day 21 September and was a truly fantastic night. You can view a short film created to showcase the event here 

2016 Peace One Day Patrons Programme