Music Videos: AR21 (formerly known as AfroReggae)

Performed at the 2011 Peace Day Concert at the o2 Arena

AfroReggae (AR21)

The band AR21, previously known as AfroReggae, was formed in 1993 as a result of music and dance workshops organised by The Afro Reggae Cultural Group. Influenced by reggae, disco, soul, rap and Miami bass, AR21 is creating a new footprint in the Brazilian music scene.

The three vocalists Ando, Dinho and LG (also a guitarist) all have their own musical influences, bringing multiple layers to the sound of the group. The guitarist Joel feeds into the band’s groove and gives harmony to the band’s tracks. Jairo Cliff on the bass guitar and Cosme at the drums, together with the percussion beats from Dada, Juninho and Wallace, give AR21 the perfect sound to spread their message to the world. The band’s hits include Erga-se (Rise), Quero Só Você (I Only Want You), Nada Melhor (Nothing Better), Eu Sei (I Know) and many others.

AR21 is currently getting ready to release their first album, Erga-se. The music video for the title track was recorded in their home community, Vigário Geral and is directed by Fernando de Andrade Grostein. This video has been aired in major music channels such as MTV, TV Mix and Multishow.